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Description of the property

Studio 30

Our industrialized construction system allows us to create modular homes of the highest quality and energy efficiency. We build steel frame houses and technologically advanced building systems.

Industrialized construction is carried out in our factories, which brings more quality to the process and finishes. The combination of the steel frame, floor and ceiling systems, and large windows, eliminates unnecessary walls and brings more light into the home. Turning every step of traditional construction into an assembly line and controlling construction timing and quality, it is our solution to the problems of the construction industry.

Based on your location and your preferences, the home can be modified to be:

Extension to your current home.

Combined with modules of 30, 60 or 90 m² to increase the size.

Create a residential community or a hotel.

Off the grid.

Mobile / Portable.

A passive house.



Manufacturing lead time:

3 months


30 m2



Transportation and Installation:

1 week

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Contact & Consultations.

Contact us at our offices or through our form for new projects. You can also write to us to answer any questions you have.

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