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Specialized in modular, industrialized and efficient construction

Our services

  • Managed self-promotion
  • Construction of sustainable buildings and homes
  • Services for architects
  • Passive House

Shekari Modular Building

Managed self-promotion

We offer a self-promotion service managed for individuals, promoters of multi-family construction, hotels and hospitals, who want to build their sustainable buildings, managing the entire self-promotion process completely. We study each project and offer the most efficient solutions that, depending on it, allow the installation of our homes or buildings on developable land or others.

Construction of sustainable buildings and homes

We build efficient homes and buildings with our own industrialized construction system. We take care of the entire process from the beginning, we have our team specialized in modular design, engineering and construction, supervised by our quality department, pursuing constant improvement in our processes.

Services for architects

Collaboration with architects for their projects, offering them our resources to simplify the processes of traditional construction vs. industrialized construction in a controlled and dry environment. More control in deadlines for deadlines in time and price. By carrying out the construction in our facilities, under a controlled and dry environment, it allows us to be more efficient in terms of safety at work, time, costs, flexibility in short.

Passive House

We have developed a construction system certifiable by the Passive House Institute. This construction system offers the flexibility and freedom of design necessary to build houses or passive buildings aimed at individuals, institutions, architects and builders.

Modular Homes

Managed self-promotion

Sustainable and energy efficient architecture

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